People Underwater

Lynne in trim   |   Peeking around coral   |   It's not easy to pose in current   |   Peter in trim   |   Dan with his bright wetsuit   |   Our three member team   |   Georgina looking awfully good!   |   Tim's spent too much time with Uncle Pug   |   And what would Talavera think of this trim?   |   Lynne and Georgina   |   Close encounter of the turtle kind   |   Dan, Peter and Georgina   |   Peter "ushering" Georgina   |   Before and after Fundies   |   Peter and Georgina   |   Three musketeers   |   Exiting at Honolua   |   Dan's getting better   |   Safety stop   |   Not quite Uncle Pug yet   |   Pretty decent trim   |   Clear, blue water   |   Cathedral I, Lanai   |   The magic of a cavern   |   Looonnnggg exposure   |   Floating in light   |   --Type Title Here--   |   Light in the grotto   |   Exiting the Cathedral   |   Dan coming out   |   Peter with danglies