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A lot has happened since this site was last updated.  Over the years, as animals died, they were said to be waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge.  Well, in August, 2015, Lynne went to meet them -- The Squeeter, Mini, Merlin, Justice, Cheyenne, Aachen, Copper, Squirt, Maxwell P. Kitty, Mouse -- oh so many over the years.

Rest In Peace all of you.

Cave Diving pictures from November, 2009

Lynne and Peter's Great Egyptian Adventure In Pictures:

Cozumel -- March, 2007

Special Notes On Becoming a Scuba Diver

T, S and M Associates is the brainchild of Lynne Flaherty and Peter Rothschild, of Woodinville, Washington.

Lynne is a transplanted Californian who grew up wanting to be a horse trainer.  She made a slight career change, went to medical school and became a surgeon instead.   She now works as an Emergency Room doc in Eastern Washington when she isn't riding.

Peter is a 4th generation Washingtonian (there aren't too many of us whose great-grandparents came to the Washington Territory to start the new life).  He is the president, and owner, of a Seattle mail order company, Featherspring International and Luxis International.

We moved to a small farm about 20 miles NE of Seattle and started to raise horses.  From a very small beginning we reached a maximum of 16 horses, 3 cats and 12 dogs!  Fortunately sanity was regained and we now have 5 horses, Wing It, Eiswein, In Sync, Enigma and Gigi, 3 cats, Tizzle, Mouse and Maxwell, and 1 dog Luke.

You can email Lynne at lynne@tsandm.com or Peter at pgr@tsandm.com