My Drive to Work -- 13 Feb 2004

Today, Friday the 13th of February, 2004, was just another wonderful day in the Pacific Northwest.  Although a wet weather system is coming in, the mountains were still visible, the lakes were flat -- a time to take some pictures.

Most of the pictures were taken while driving just by pointing the camera in the right direction and hoping I'd get a picture.

My morning drive is 20 miles -- South down I-405 to State Route 520 (a floating bridge over Lake Washington - yes, it actually floats on the water) to Seattle -- North on I-5 over the Ship Canal Bridge to Fremont, "The Center of the Universe" and home to my company for the last 20 years.

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South on I-405 -- Mt. Rainier   |   West on Highway 520 -- Lake Washington Floating Bridge   |   Lake Washington north to Mt. Baker   |   Going Past Portage Bay   |   West from I-5 Ship Canal Bridge   |   Fremont   |   Mt. Rainier   |   Fremont Troll   |   Going Home