Australia #1

At the end of October, 2005, Lynne and Peter went to Australia.  While the original purpose of the trip was to drink wine and sightsee, the ultimate purpose ended up being, to drink wine, sightsee AND go DIVING!

Here are just a few of the pictures from the trip.

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First Light over Australia   |   Sydney Beach   |   On the way up the coast   |   At the Restaurant   |   Holds More Than His Belly Can   |   Sydney Bridge   |   Insects on the Bridge   |   Opera House   |   Cathedral Opera House   |   Ginny, Peter in the Blue Mountains   |   Ginny, Lynne & the Three Sisters   |   Ginny, Lynne -- Blue Mountains   |   Craig and Ginny   |   Manly Beach   |   On Colin's Boat   |   The Winfields   |   It's Over There!   |   Want a horse?   |   Joe & the Winery Limo   |   Whistle While You Wok   |   Roo's!!   |   Togetherness   |   Pogo Stick Champ   |   Hop...   |   Skip...   |   You want me to do what?   |   Roo and Joey   |   Kookeburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree.   |   Lynne, Peter at Byron Bay