Africa 2002
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Lynne and Peter went back to Africa in August, 2002.  As with the 2001 Safari, we had a slight hitch in getting from Amsterdam to Johannesburg (this time Lynne had to help a heart attack victim on the plane--we spent about 12 hours in the air and ended up back in Amsterdam!).

We started our Africa trip in Cape Town with Kathy Westover, a friend from Bellingham, Washington.  A wonderful place to visit.  Then on to Botswana and the horses.

As with our trip from 2001, the other riders were wonderful companions.  David and Mary Beth (the honeymooners) have posted their pictures here.  I also must tell the world that Siobhan Loftus, one of the UK contingent, has published her first book, Ubunto which can be purchased online at Amazon.Co.UK.

Last, but not least, a big THANK YOU to Barney and PJ of Okavango Horse Safaris and Ellen at Equitours.

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We've Arrived   |   Camp reading room   |   The Honeymooners   |   David and Mary Beth   |   David   |   David after a hard day in the saddle.   |   Mary Beth   |   Siobhan   |   Sue   |   The UK contingent   |   Pat's having fun   |   Pat   |   Joan makes tracks through the water   |   Kathy   |   Having fun yet?   |   Mountup   |   Trio   |   Heading out after lunch   |   Agnes   |   The camp fire did double duty.   |   Kathy watches a giraffe   |   Peekaboo   |   Looking at an elephant.   |   Meeting up with the rest of the group.   |   Pat enjoys the Okavango   |   We spent a lot of time wading.   |   Orange break.   |   Herding Horses by Mokoro   |   Kathy relaxes in the water.   |   Kathy and Lynne   |   It got deep and deeper   |   Kathy and Trillo   |   Lynne and Barney   |   Lynne   |   Mary Beth again   |   Resting   |   MB and Siobhan   |   Water, water everywhere...   |   Even more water   |   Siobhan and Dave   |   Michelle   |   More Elephant Gazing   |   On the other side of the river   |   Our group   |   Hey y'all, they are over there!   |   Pat's ele   |   Pat and the giraffe   |   Pat and Lynne in a  mokoro   |   Mokoro sunset   |   Mokoro ride--Peter and Kathy   |   Kathy goes for a mokoro ride   |   PJ shows off his mokoro skills   |   Pat's Changing Room   |   Guests Behind Bars   |   Reed Buck   |   Baboon   |   Carmine Bee Eaters   |   Carmine Bee Eater   |   Water Gallop Starts   |   Water Gallop   |   Behind in a water gallop   |   Holding the Moon   |   Last Supper   |   Sunset Water Crossing